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Frustrated by constant leaking seals.....

lindsay_glp_gearlife_superiorsurfacetension Lindsay Gearlife XL

Are you frustrated by constant leaking seals of your pivot gearbox? Do you want to maximise the life of your gearbox while maintaining reliability? Well we have your answer!

Lindsay's newly formulated GearLife XL lube. This new gearbox oil is designed for aftermarket use to extend the life of your existing gearbox. GearLife XL leads aftermarket oil options by offering faster solidifying thixotropic properties where the oil will solidify faster after being worked. Additionally GearLife XL offers higher surface coatings, better corrosive properties (exceeding GL5 standards) and provides a more robust seal around the input and output seals if these components begin to fail.

GearLife XL lube was specifically designed as an aftermarket lubrication. Gearboxes require a thinner oil to be used the first year to break in gears. This break‐in period can create metal filings which could possibly build up around the moving gears and cause premature wear. GearLife XL is recommended to be installed on gearboxes after their first full year of service.


What are Thixotropic Properties?

The thixotropic lubricant property causes oil to gel or solidify when it's not being mechanically agitated or when the gearbox is not in operation. When the lubrication is mechanically agitated or the gearbox is in operation the viscosity decreases and becomes liquid allowing efficient operation and internal oil flow to occur. In the mechanized irrigation application, the thixotropic property allows the pivot to utilize low viscosity when running and maintain high efficiency. When the pivot stops moving during normal operation or the end of season, the oil gels and eliminates seepage out of the seals. Depending on seal wear, the oil may solidify and stop leaks completely. While there are alternate aftermarket lubricants, Lindsay prides itself with a product that offers the fastest solidification time, allowing less leaking than any other option.

Recently one of our Benparts customers was experiencing constant problems with leaking seals. The team recommended swapping the gearbox oil to the Lindsay recommended GearLifeXL. Our customer was understandably cautious and sceptical that this would solve the problem, however he has reported that since the swap to GearLifeXL he has seen NO evidence of any further leakage and will now not use any other oil or hesitate to recommend to other people experiencing the same problems to give GearLifeXL a try.

Benefit to the Customer

GearLife XL Lube offers you the ability to extend the life of existing gearboxes with superior lubrication, coating and features to reduce or even eliminate seeping out of leaking seals.

GearLife XL features include:

1. Superior surface tension – allowing the lubrication to adhere to the gears for an indefinite amount of time.

2. Thixotropic characteristics – ability to thin when worked and thicken when idle. Thixotropic properties allow for the lubrication to solidify and create a water barrier along the seals.

3. Quick solidification ‐ dripping out of worn seals is minimized or even eliminated depending on seal wear as GearLife XL offers the fastest solidification of its thixotropic properties in the market.

4. GL5 wear and corrosion properties – GearLife XL is specially formulated to offer the best corrosion resistance in aftermarket wheel gearbox lubrication. This lubrication was independently tested and exceeded industry specifications, where other aftermarket oils have not.

Most importantly, Performance GearLife XL is intended to extend the life of your gearbox. For best results on stopping seals from leaking, install the oil when a leak is initially occurring. GearLife XL does NOT void any Lindsay drive train warranties.

Contact us today for more information!

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Thursday, 23 May 2024

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