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Irrigation system, sales, design, and installation

Jamie Pivot Irrigator

With over 30 years of combined experience in irrigation the team at Benparts can work with you to tailor an irrigation system that suits your individual needs. Helping you to apply water, chemicals and fertilizer in the most intelligent and efficient way. Water is a precious resource and the importance of applying the right amount of water or nutrients to your soil at the right time is of the highest priority.

Benparts uses mapping software to design your irrigation system and with our dedicated team of qualified electricians we can install your custom designed irrigation solution from start to completion.

Our design, sales and service includes educating you on the latest technology available to maximise your irrigation system including industry leading FieldNET and Agua.

Service, Maintenance and Repair

We don’t install and then leave... we pride ourselves on our pre, current, and post installation service providing you confidence and assurance that we care about your system and your business, 7 days a week!

While we specialise in Lindsay systems our team can provide service, repair and maintenance for all types of irrigation systems.

Repairs and maintenance services include:

  • On-site emergency repairs
  • On-site servicing and maintenance
  • Pipe trenching and ripping services
  • Licenced poly welding
  • Bore testing and water quality testing services
  • Pump repairs in a fully equipped workshop

Our Service is second to none with our qualified and experienced team working to ensure that your entire irrigation system is always working at an optimum level to maximize the efficiency of your business.

The team are qualified and keep up-to-date with the latest in irrigation technology and are happy to provide live demonstrations on how you can better manage your system as technology updates.

Irrigation Repair & Service

Consultancy Services

When putting in a new irrigation system there can be many other services that require co-ordination. . Benparts aims to complete all of the processes in house without the use of sub contactors to enable a total systems approach. Benparts are licensed electrical contractors, with over 30 years of combined experience in irrigation project management John and the team can co-ordinate your project from start to finish leaving you free to manage the rest of your business operation. You can have confidence that the Benparts team care about your project and will manage it with the upmost professionalism.

Water and Bore Testing

Bore Flow rate testing is advisable for determining irrigation requirements. This helps to correctly select the appropriate pump to suit the bore capacity. Benparts has recently developed an automated bore test pumping service where the pump is controlled automatically to satisfy the requirements of the test. The equipment used involves a variable speed pump, a water level measuring sensor and an electronic water flow measurement sensor connected to the internet. All of this equipment is controlled, monitored and logged to enable the test to be conducted and recorded without being locally supervised. If required, the bore test can be under the control of a Hydrogeologist in order to gain a scientific analysis of the bores performance.

Pump sales, installation and service



Choosing the correct pump for your irrigation needs is essential to ensure you are maximising your pumping efficiency and reducing your overall energy costs.

Benparts can provide you advice from standard pump selection right up to the most advanced fully automated pumping solution.

We deal with all the leading pump and motor manufacturers for both electric and diesel systems specialising in the total system approach of designing you system, install and regular servicing and maintenance.

Irrigation Automation

Automation is a speciality of Benparts! Automation enables the remote operation and monitoring of irrigation and stock water systems using the internet and Apps which are easily accessible on smart phones, tablets and computers. This is achieved by notifications being sent via Alerts, SMS or Email. Diesel and electric pumps and generators for irrigation and stock water systems can be started automatically without being on site. The operation of the system can then be remotely monitored with status and alarms being delivered automatically. Much of the equipment used to deliver these services has been developed in house with Benparts operating its own computer server and web-based software. As we complete all programming in house, many custom installations have been developed satisfying the individual needs of clients.Simplify operations, minimize risk and maximise profitability through smarter automation solutions.

FieldNet on iPhone

Licensed Electrical Contractors

Electrician testing equipment

The team at Benparts are licensed electricians so not only can they provide you with the electrical requirements of your irrigation system, they provide a full range of everyday electrical services. Being licensed electrical contractors we are expertly trained and will guarantee the quality of our work. Some of the services we provide include but are not limited too -

  • Lighting Installation
  • Surge ProtectionSwitchboards Upgrade & Installation
  • Temporary power connections and generators
  • Fibre Optic cabling
  • Supply grid connections and associated earthworks


Chemigation Techniques

What is Fertigation...Fertigation is the controlled and measured application of fertilisers, nutrients, soil amendments pesticides and/or other water soluble products, through your current irrigation system – Centre pivot, lateral move, flood, spray or drip irrigation.

What is Chemigation... Chemigation is the application of water soluble chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides and fungicides through your current irrigation system – Centre Pivot, lateral move, flood, spray or drip irrigation

Benparts can assist you with most efficient application of all your Fertigation and Chemigation needs.

Poly Welding

Benparts provides a full Polythene Pipe Butt Fusion Welding and Electrofusion welding service for farm, industrial, commercial and domestic projects. Our qualified technicians can complete your Poly welding  job from start to finish supplying the pipe, fittings and final commissioning of the entire job without relying on sub contractors.

Poly welding can be performed on-site or off-site. We have extensive experience in many types of installations including, effluent pipe, water pipe, diesel supply line and more.

Poly Welding

Based in Newton & Bordertown, South Australia.
Servicing Adelaide and all regional areas, New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia.

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