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About Us

Benparts is a leading irrigation design, installation and operation provider in South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Western Australia.

Our vision is to provide modern, high quality, high technology goods and services to clients to enable them to operate in a sustainable, efficient and profitable manner.

Established in 1986 by John Bennett, Benparts has been helping people from the backyard gardener to the largest of agricultural operator apply water, chemicals and fertilizer in the most intelligent and efficient way for over 30 years.

At all times Benparts is seeking new ways to achieve its vision in the supply of pumps, pivots, diesel engines, electric motors, automatic control systems, remote monitoring and ancillary components. This is achieved with the design and installation of new systems, upgrade of existing systems and the repairs and maintenance of operational units.

Lateral Move Irrigation

With branches in both Adelaide and Bordertown expert sales, service and support is never far away. You can be confident that if you need them the team at Benparts will be there! Dedication to supporting their customers in all things water from initial recommendations to on-going support and maintenance is the main focus. We aim to complete all of the processes in house without the use of sub contactors to enable a total systems approach. We are licensed electrical contractors, have a welding shop, a repair shop, a crane, a tele-handler and a wide range of tools and equipment.

Beparts Irrigation Servicing & Installation

Benparts is a market leader in the supply of remote monitoring technology.

  • FieldNET  remote monitoring technology allows you to gain fast, easy access to your entire irrigation operation anytime and from anywhere from the convenience of your smartphone, tablet and computer!
  • Agua Web based Automated Systems for Soil, Irrigation & Weather Monitoring allows you to always accurately know the moisture, salinity and temperature levels of soil, using a combination of world-class sensors and reporting interfaces. Knowing the health of your land allows you to employ the best practice to ensure every drop of water counts!

If there is something Benparts don’t know about water….it’s not worth knowing!

Benpart Remote Irrigation Monitoring - FieldNET - Agua

Based in Newton & Bordertown, South Australia.
Servicing Adelaide and all regional areas, New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia.

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