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Effluent Management

Providing an efficient management system for your effluent requirements

Dairy farms and intensive farming operations require some form of effluent management system. A range of site specific factors need be considered when selecting the most appropriate system.

Benparts specializes in the design, installation and on-going service of the pumping components of effluent systems however can also provide services for the full project design and management.

There are two types of effluent solutions -

Aerial - Brad's barn effluent tank
Brad's effluent dam

Continuous application systems

These systems are not designed to treat effluent and have limited storage capacity. Consequently, they rely on regular collection and application of effluent - usually twice daily. The effluent is generally collected in a concrete sump and applied directly to pasture.

Treatment and storage systems

These systems employ one or more ponds (generally one or two) to treat the daily inflow of effluent, and to store both the liquid effluent and solids (sludge) that settle out of the effluent. Pond systems can also collect, treat and store runoff from concrete and earth yards, and, in some cases, feed pads and regularly used laneways. The liquid effluent is stored until it is either irrigated onto crop or pasture or recycled for yard flushing purposes.

Reference DAF Queensland

Choosing and having the correct ongoing effluent management solution is integral to its success, Benparts works closely with each individual customer to discuss the options and choose the most suitable solution. Effluent is a valuable resource that can grow some bumper crops. Benparts encourages you to not only manage your effluent but utilize it to its maximum benefit!

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