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If it's remotely possible FieldNET can do it!

FieldNET Wireless Management Tool

FieldNET is the market leader in remote monitoring technology providing your integrated irrigation solution helping agricultural crop producers simplify operations, minimize risk and maximize profitability through smarter irrigation solutions.

FieldNET by Lindsay puts you in total control. Gain fast, easy access to your entire irrigation operation.  Your fully integrated wireless management tool, FieldNET lets you view and control your systems from virtually anywhere….even the beach in Bali!

Providing the most comprehensive options to remotely control entire irrigation systems – from pivots and laterals to pumps and sensors – FieldNET includes the only wireless management tool with an app on both major smartphone and tablet platforms. That means that at any time throughout your crop lifecycle, growers can see what their systems are doing and control them from virtually anywhere using a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Fast and user-friendly, FieldNET provides an integrated water, fertilizer, and chemigation solution with remote control of pivots, laterals, end guns, injectors and pumps, and the ability to monitor and record everything from water and energy usage to rainfall and temperature. It all adds up to less time in the field, less spent on valuable resources, and greater control of your operations.

Everything in one powerful application

FieldNET Mobile

Convenient control and monitoring in the palm of your hand

FieldNET apps for major smartphones and tablets combine the benefits and timesaving innovation of FieldNET with the convenience of Web-enabled tablets. 

FieldNET Mobile gives you what you need in real time featuring an easy-to-use interface, FieldNET Mobile allows users to monitor and control irrigation equipment from virtually anywhere.

When you want to make sure your pivot is reaching every part of your paddock, count on FieldNET giving you an in-depth view of individual pivots. Not only can you track your pivots, but you can adjust them accordingly, wherever you are or whatever type of pivots you use.

FieldNET Pivot Control

Many growers today are challenged by operating multiple types of pivot control panels that all have a different look. Pivot Control by FieldNET is an innovative controller designed to retrofit almost any existing electric pivot brand and create one universal look and feel. Pivot Control can change the way growers manage their entire irrigation system with this single easy-to-use platform. 

Why choose Pivot Control?

Unlike other remote control products that mount at the end of the pivot, Pivot Control is installed at the pivot point to provide more features and greater flexibility.  It can be installed on virtually any electric centre pivot and wires directly into the OEM panel.  This provides you with a single control interface for all of your centre pivots regardless of brand.

  • Higher return on investment
  • Superior control features
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Ease of installation and diagnostics
FieldNET Remote Pump Management

This remote technology is an integrated, user-friendly option to enhance pump management. From measuring pressure and monitoring voltage, to remotely turning pumps on and off, FieldNET offers greater control and maximum convenience

  • Provides quick access to pumps and key system sensors
  • Saves up to 75% of the time and fuel required to manually check operations
  • Maximizes energy savings with Dynamic Demand Control (DDC)
  • Optimizes wire-to-water efficiency by monitoring and recording power consumption
  • Increases system uptime with text/email alerts
  • Reports highlight pump performance with pressure, flow and pump cycle trends

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