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Think outside the box with Pivot Control!


The FieldNET® by Lindsay Pivot Control System can be fitted to most brands of Centre Pivot. Here, in Western Victoria, the team at Benparts Irrigation have retro-fitted Pivot Control to a Valley Centre Pivot.

So what exactly is the FieldNET® by Lindsay Pivot Control System and how could it work for you?

FieldNET® by Lindsay Pivot Control is an irrigation controller designed to upgrade almost any existing brand of pivot to full remote monitoring including variable rate irrigation control.Unlike other remote irrigation control products, Pivot Control mounts at the pivot point and combines with GPS at the end of the pivot for increased precision and greater flexibility. Growers can operate their pivot in the paddock at the control box or remotely using FieldNET. Both elements automatically update together, minimizing the chance for user error. From a smartphone, tablet, or computer, growers can control their pivots and equipment, including pumps, injectors, and monitor sensors for pressure, flow, soil moisture, rainfall, temperature, and other devices. Pivot Control can save growers hours in their week driving out to paddocks to start, stop and check up on their irrigation. If you would like more information on how Zimmatic Pivot Control could integrate with your current Irrigation system please give us a call! 

Why Pivot Control beats competitor remote control products:

• Compatible with most pivot brands to provide a single, universal look and feel

• Enhanced ROI versus any product that mounts at the end of a pivot

• Easy to use both at the site and remotely

• Features 360 VRI sectors – compatible with crop consultant plans

 What are the main advantages of Pivot Control?

  • Check the status of your pivot anytime from virtually anywhere via smartphone, tablet or computer
  • Receive immediate and customizable text message alerts when the operational status of the pivot changes
  • Remotely change the application depth, reverse or stop the pivot, control the end-gun and run variable rate plans
  • Utilize FieldNET Advisor™, the only fully-integrated smart irrigation management solution that delivers recommendations on when, where and how much to water
  • Work from a single, consistent platform that saves time, water and labor maximizing your efficiency and potential profitability
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Saturday, 15 June 2024

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